Cardboard plate/tray  

Cardboard plate/tray 0
code: 337**
33731Cardboard plate/tray 10/7/4.5 cm
Size: 100x70x45 мм
carton  800 pcs-+
€ 27.1999
33741Cardboard plate/tray 14/9/5,5 cm
Size: 140x90x55 мм
carton  700 pcs-+
€ 32.19988
33751Cardboard plate/tray 17/10/4,5 cm
Size: 170x100x45 мм
carton  700 pcs-+
€ 38.00986
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    Made of cardboard with a biodegradable, barrier coating, protecting against moisture or grease.

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